2024 Schedule & Trip Availability

Apply for a trip starting on Tuesday, December 5.

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Scheduling iterations

Each year I release three iterations of the schedule. The first goes live in mid-November, long before we can secure all permits and travel logistics and before we know the number, interests, and skills of the applicants.

I release Iteration 2 in mid-January, several weeks after the open application period ends. Versus Iteration 1, it’s been fine-tuned to reflect the actual applicant pool. At this time, we can lock in all details for Utah, Alaska, and West Virginia.

Iteration 3 must wait until late-January or early-spring, when I can finally reserve wilderness permits for the High Sierra and Greater Yellowstone, and after land agencies have officially approved commercial permit applications.

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Iteration 3

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More on schedule iterations

Each season, we start flying the airplane while we’re still building it, because we want the trip schedule (the supply) to roughly match the applicant pool (the demand), and because we can’t secure many wilderness and commercial permits until early-spring.

Our system works, and we communicate regularly with affected clients to keep them in the loop. With each iteration, we finalize more information.