2023 Schedule & Trip Availability

Apply for a trip starting on Tuesday, December 13.

For trip prices, go here.

Scheduling iterations

Each year I release three iterations of the schedule.

In Iteration 1, I announce the trip locations, dates, and types; and I estimate the number of groups in each session. I don’t specify guide teams or trip intensities at this time.

I will release Iteration 2 in mid-January, several weeks after the open application period ends (December 27 or January 3, depending on the location). Based on the interests and abilities of the applicant pool, I will finalize the number of groups, trip intensities, and guide teams.

The High Sierra and Olympics trips will require an Iteration 3. Wilderness permits are not available until mid-January and mid-March, respectively. And commercial permits are not normally approved until late-winter or early-spring.

Iteration 1

Andrew and his guide team consistently create trips that are challenging, fun, and fulfilling. The variety of locations they take groups has become an opportunity I use to explore areas beyond my typical home turf in backpacking, and serves as a chance to meet backpackers and hikers who share similar values and goals for adventure in the backcountry so that we can meet up on our own to hike together again.” -Alex D.