Gear List

The conditions were unusual for first half of trip: it was warm (low-10’s to high-30’s); the trails were snow-free but ice-covered; and most streams were still flowing.

The conditions were more normal during the second half: it was cold (-12 F to mid-10’s); there was 6”-18” of snow; and many streams were frozen up, requiring the melting of snow for water at night.

Overall, elevation ranged from 600-1800 feet; terrain was flat to mildly hilly, with frequent steep short climbs and descents; many blowdowns over the last 100 miles.

Note: This gear list is most applicable to the second half of the hike, when it was colder and when there was enough snow to require snowshoes. The clothing, footwear, and sleep systems are probably overkill for warmer conditions.

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