Backpacking Food: Recipes, Rations, Stoves & Storage – PDF


A 14,000-word manuscript about backpacking food, available for immediate download.

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After placing the order, you will receive a Completed Order email. In it, look for a link to download the file. The link expires in three days; if you need it extended, contact me.


My goal in publishing Backpacking Food is to help you have a better and mistake-free food experience on your next trip. It offers recommendations on the types and amounts of food to pack. It includes recipes for seven hearty but simple breakfasts and dinners. It describes in detail three trail-tested 3-season stove systems. And, finally, it discusses the pros and cons of various food storage and protection methods.

This e-book is a compilation of food-related content that I have previously developed for or published on my website, webinars, and personal use. It includes some new content, too. While I try to make the original online materials easily accessible, and while they will remain free and public, this single location should be more easily referenceable.

For this e-book to become a paper book, it may need some additional length, but that option is certainly on the table, pun intended. Whatever its future, I have found previously that a limited public distribution of a “pre-edition” is a beneficial interim step. It gives me an opportunity to get feedback from real readers (Have some? Email me, [email protected]), and to assess its strengths and weaknesses before submitting a manuscript for final publication.

This Pre-Edition has not undergone a final edit, and not all the content is as thorough as it could be. You will find grammar and spelling mistakes, and you may feel that it lacked some relevant information or important nuance. These issues will be resolved before release of the First Edition — until then, please overlook them.


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