Mixed bag: UTMB performance assessment || Perils of racing conservatively

By Andrew Skurka / September 12, 2017 /

Just twelve hours after finishing UTMB in Chamonix, Amanda and I split for the second half of our vacation, in Provence, hence the delay in post-UTMB coverage. For my sake, I hope to post it all this week before my guided trips start on Sunday and my recollection fades. I placed 34th at UTMB, with…

UTMB data: Results, split times, course GPX, & pace charts

By Andrew Skurka / September 13, 2017 /

If you plan to race UTMB — or use the course as a training camp — and if you’re a data dork like me, the resources on this page will be useful in your preparations: Official results At the UTMB website, official results are available for each year, back to 2003. The more recent years include…