Leadville 100


Race Report: Leadville 100 || 2nd place, 18:17

By Andrew Skurka / August 20, 2008 /

Approaching the Twin Lakes aid station for the second time (at mile 60.5) I spotted my housemate, Kristen. “I feel like crap,” I told her. Pointing to my bloated stomach, which made it look as if I’d done more training for the race at the local bar than on the local trails, I explained, “Nothing…

Leadville 100 in photos

By Andrew Skurka / August 20, 2008 /

Special thanks to Rob O’Dea Photography for letting me include a few of his images on this page. Pulling into Twin Lakes on the inbound leg (mile 60). It’s uncommon to see ultra-runners carrying trekking poles, which, frankly, bewilders me — trekking poles are invaluable during the climbs, especially steep ones: they allowed me to…

Why the Leadville Trail 100 felt like Lollapalooza — is Lifetime Fitness a friend or foe?

By Andrew Skurka / August 27, 2013 /

I had been seriously contemplating running the Leadville 100 next year –- I mean, I’d have one of the best coaches by way of my (new) husband—and heck, it’s practically in our backyard. I no longer plan to run the Leadville 100 next year. We had headed up to Leadville this year because I’d been…