Circling Alaska and Yukon

A 4,700-mile 6-month journey through Big Wilderness

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For six months Andrew Skurka skied, hiked, and packrafted 4,700 miles in a giant loop around Alaska and Canada’s Yukon. His route passed just beneath Mt. McKinley, descended famed rivers like the Copper and Yukon, and traversed the entire Brooks Range. During the most remote and committing stretch of the trip, across the Yukon Arctic and Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, he went 657 miles and 24 days without crossing a road or seeing another person – an immersion in Big Wilderness that he found profoundly humbling.

In this program Skurka shares the journey’s most powerful stories and entertaining moments, complemented with stunning photos and emotional videos. He also reflects on the broader significance of this experience and of his other adventures – which cumulatively measure 30,000+ miles – with particular attention to setting goals, stepping outside comfort zones, and seizing life’s opportunities.

Target audiences

“Circling Alaska & Yukon” is an adventure-centric general audience presentation. It will be appreciated most by outdoorsy adults and teens, though its main themes—about passion, goal setting and humility—transcend interest and hobbies.

Ideal events and venues

Annual meetings for outdoor organizations
Outdoor retail stores
University outdoor recreation programs and outing clubs
Boy Scout fundraisers
Corporate training sessions


The presentation usually runs for 80-90 minutes, including Q&A session and possibly a gear raffle. It can be shortened to accommodate a tighter schedule.

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