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Day 21: Returning home

My last day in South Africa started with another pre-breakfast game drive. Somewhat sadly it was devoid of big animals, which I think everyone was disappointed by since it was our last morning at the lodge—we were all hoping that nature would put on a magical show for us, like in the YouTube video Battle […]

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Day 18: Phalaborwa, Kruger National Park

The reward for a wicked early-morning flight from Cape Town was landing in Phalaborwa, a small city just outside of Kruger National Park, by mid-afternoon. Adél took a “save the best for last” approach in planning the itinerary, and South Africa’s premier tourist destination—the home of its lions and tigers and elephants, oh my—was going […]

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Day 15: Cape Town, Cape Point National Park

The day began at Boulders Beach, one of the classic tourist stops that I normally would avoid and would encourage others to do the same—I overwhelming prefer authentic, impromptu experiences, not mass-produced ones. However, Boulders Beach is an exception—nearly everybody who visits Cape Town visits the beach, and I’d recommend you do as well. Located […]

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Day 14: Cape Town

Based largely on the fact that there is a Trails Illustrated map for the city of Cape Town and Table Mountain Park, I had been looking forward to this leg of the trip since I first arrived in South Africa. Unfortunately the weather today has been awful—“On a clear day, Table Mountain would be right […]

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Day 13: Otter Trail, Plettenberg Bay

I finished up the Otter Trail this morning at the beautiful Nature’s Valley, where that sought-after long stroll on a sandy beach awaited me. Adél picked me up and we returned to the The Plettenberg, yet another high-end luxury hotel, for another superb breakfast, this time more deserved. I was very happy that one of […]

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