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Job Posting: “Mad scientist” with Exxel Outdoor’s Advanced Development Center

Exxel Outdoors — formerly American Rec, and the parent company of Sierra Designs, Ultimate Direction, Kelty, among other brands — has a job opening in its Advanced Development Center. The ADC is tasked with developing many of the “mad scientist” projects that eventually trickle down into tangible products. As one example, the ADC did the earliest prototyping for […]

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Tips for quality sleep in the backcountry || SD LIVE (May 12, 2015)

SD Live: Sleeping Comfortably in the Backcountry from Sierra Designs on Vimeo. In our May episode of SD LIVE, Sierra Designs Brand Manager Michael Glavin and I shared our tips for getting quality sleep in the backcountry. This topic should be of great interest — I know many backpackers, especially first-timers and beginners, struggle to […]

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Live near Boulder and a size Large? Sierra Designs needs you.

Sierra Designs is a looking for a fit model. Details and an application below. Requirements Reside within a commutable distance to the Sierra Designs headquarters in northeast Boulder, Colorado (Gunbarrel) Male Size Large for tops, per SD sizing. Ideally, 44-inch chest and 34-inch waist. Work + compensation About four office visits per month, for about 2 hours […]

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Backpacking in the rain: helpful gear and skills|| SD LIVE (March 31, 2015)

In last month’s SD LIVE event, I discussed multiple ways to help maintain a relative level of comfort and safety when backpacking in the rain. Some methods are simply a matter of packing differently or packing more: sleeping clothes, camp shoes, breathable footwear, group tarp, down insulation, and a pack liner. Other methods are techniques: […]

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The stage

Types of backpacking shelters: pros & cons || SD LIVE (Feb 19, 2015)

In last month’s SD LIVE event, I discussed the pros and cons of common backpacking shelters — specifically double-wall tents, single-wall tents, tarp systems, bivy sacks, and hammocks. My presentation was a relatively unbiased assessment of the available options, and also intentionally brand- and product-neutral. While I definitely prefer some shelter types over others (refer to my […]

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