Notes for next time: Pacing, gear, intakes, and crewing

By Andrew Skurka / September 22, 2015 / 18 Comments

That I’m already talking about a “next time” is a good indication that I was pleased with my Run Rabbit Run 100 performance and that my recovery has been relatively mild. I have no specific plans yet, but I think it’s apparent that I do relatively better in races that are longer and have more…

My 2015 ultra running race schedule: Strategy & considerations

By Andrew Skurka / February 17, 2015 / 3 Comments

A non-running subject to start. Join me on Thursday, February 19 at 11am PST for a live online event about backpacking shelters. We’ll be discussing pros & cons of double- and single-wall tents, tarps, hammocks, and bivies. Register here: This year excites me, a lot. It’s the first since 2010 in which I have both the desire…

TNF 50 Mile Race Report: Reflections on pacing, nutrition, training, and a lot more

By Andrew Skurka / December 8, 2014 / 14 Comments

It almost certainly will not be another four years until I race again. But overtime my recollection of The North Face 50 Mile Championship will change: I’ll forget the finer details, and my reflections will be influenced by future developments and conversations. So my race report is meant to be as instructive to me as…

Pace charts for TNF 50. And how everyone starts too fast.

By Andrew Skurka / December 2, 2014 / 22 Comments

The two weeks before a big race can be challenging in the enforced inactivity. Between mid-October and mid-November I ran about 14 hours per week on average, but during my taper for The North Face Endurance Challenge 50 Mile Championship this weekend I’m running less than half that, creating a lot of free time. However, I have found it…

7 hours, 20 minutes: a realistic goal for 50 miles based on training runs?

By Andrew Skurka / November 3, 2014 / 3 Comments

Before every high school cross-country and track meet, my coach Frank Mooney gave each runner an index card with a goal time and suggested splits written on it. A goal time was meant to be challenging but within reach on a good day, and the suggested splits helped us stay on track through the start,…