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Because I’m not just a walking and running machine.


My most popular & favorite posts of 2015

To close out 2015, I’d like to share my most popular posts. My method in creating the list was only partially scientific — I started with total page views for 2015 in Google Analytics, and then I loosely accounted for publishing dates, since posts released earlier in the year have had more time to be viewed than those released […]

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A third-place smooch at 8:15 AM after racing (and crewing) for the previous 20 hours, through the night

Getting after it again: 2015 Year in Review

Fifteen months ago, my bitterness reached its peak. The cause was obvious: for four consecutive years, starting with 2011, I had worked too much and adventured too little. Essentially, I had stopped being me. During the first two years, I wasn’t bothered. My work — mostly guiding, speaking, and writing — was novel and challenging, […]

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Profit seeker, or really fortunate to make a livelihood doing what I love most? I'm confident that the other seven men in this photo would confirm that it's the latter.

Is it wrong to “profit” from your passion? Not at all.

Recently I’ve read criticisms in several places that I’m “profiting” off of backpacking and that my primary motivation now is to “make money.” Some have been embedded in unnecessary and baseless personal attacks made by individuals with whom I’ve never been in the same room. I suppose this may be a good opportunity to start growing thicker skin […]

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Seven weeks of being a rock star, kind of

As a professional long-distance adventurer with zero musical talent, the speaking and book tour I’ve been on for the last six weeks—and this week too, in the Pacific Northwest—is about the closest I’ll come to being a rock star. Performing by night, traveling by day, sleeping and eating and partaking in sex and drugs running […]

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Hi, Peter. What's happening? We need to talk about your TPS reports.

How I Make a Living as a Professional Adventurer

When I began long-distance backpacking, I never thought it would eventually become my occupation. To the contrary, I was simply drawn to the idea of hiking from Georgia to Maine—that, somehow, an effort on that scale probably was an experience worth having. My motivations for taking on the Alaska-Yukon Expedition, my most recent adventure, were very […]

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