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Because I’m not just a walking and running machine.

The Salewa Ultra Train is a light and agile hiking shoe or a capable mountain running shoe, depending on your preferences and needs.

Win the Salewa Ultra Train Trail Shoes || Holiday Giveaway #6

Did I save the best for last? I think so, but only incidentally, since Salewa is last in alphabetical order among the brands that generously provided goodies for this giveaway series: Coast, Esbit, GaiaGPS, LuminAid, and Platypus; plus Sierra Designs, which broadcast my holiday gift guide last week via Facebook Live Yesterday’s winner Congrats to Elena G, […]

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Win the GaiaGPS app for Android or IOS || Holiday Giveaway #5

We’re getting close to the end, today and then a final grand prize tomorrow. Good luck! Yesterday’s winner Congrats to Bill R, yesterday’s winner of the Platypus Platy Bottles. Today’s giveaway With the GaiaGPS app, my smartphone has the same functionality as a conventional handheld GPS unit. In many respects a smartphone-as-GPS is an even better system: […]

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My current nightstand reading list. The Power of Zero is a quick read, and I finished it in just a few nights. In comparison, the writings of Butchart and Steck are much more cryptic.

Book review: The Power of Zero: How to Get to the 0% Tax Bracket and Transform Your Retirement

Huh, what? A book review on this website, about personal finance? Yep, this is a first, and a bit of an experiment. I know I am venturing outside my area of expertise, but this review is at least consistent with the general objective of this website, the sharing of useful information. The Power of Zero: […]

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