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A screenshot from CalTopo, of the Kings Canyon High Basin Route displayed on the USGS 7.5-minute layer

The future of CalTopo || Interview with founder Matt Jacobs

For several years my go-to platform for topographical maps and imagery has been CalTopo. It has fully replaced — and far surpassed — National Geographic’s TOPO! desktop software, which was discontinued in 2012 and is no longer supported by NG; and, overall, its trip-planning features are unmatched by other online platforms and apps. I use CalTopo most often […]

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Screenshot from after searching for "MSR" products.

Imagine if REI & Priceline merged: start-up BUYSTAND lets consumers set their price for outdoor gear & apparel

A few weeks ago I was made aware of BUYSTAND, a start-up with a unique outdoor retail model: it lets consumers offer a price for gear and apparel that they want to buy, instead of the customary take-it-or-leave-it price system. This could be a win-win-win for consumers, manufacturers, and brick-and-mortar retailers, and I’m interested to […]

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The new Ultra Vest, part of Ultimate Direction's Signature Series

Novel idea: Ultimate Direction co-develops products with some of the world’s best ultra-runners

The story of Ultimate Direction‘s recent and anticipated success, centered mostly around its Signature Series running vests, interests me on a number of levels. It’s good for runners, of which I’m one; and it’s good, too, for UD’s brand manager Buzz Burrell, a longtime friend and mentor, as well as the runners involved in the […]

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“So, are you the girlfriend?”

Based on my relationship history and my past comments about relationships, it may be surprising—though not really a secret—that for the last 18 months I’ve been “the luckiest man on the planet” (her words, but I wisely won’t disagree). In presentations, online posts, and media interviews I have made numerous references to my girlfriend, Amanda, which always […]

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Buzz Burrell: on running, work, aging, and life

Buzz Burrell is a legend within trail running, climbing, canyoneering, and fastpacking circles, known for his creative outdoor endeavors that require equal parts endurance, speed, technical skills, and mental investment. Case in point: his Zion Trifecta, during which he and partner Jared Campbell completed the three biggest, deepest, baddest canyons in Zion National Park (Imlay, […]

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Taking a break from business-as-usual in Mass. to enjoy a bluebird day at Loveland Ski Area

Interview: Bob Skurka

Those who have seen one of my presentations or who have read trip reports know that I depend heavily on my parents for logistical and emotional support. They might also be my two biggest fans. This interview was an opportunity for my dad to better share his thoughts and feelings. Also, read the interview with […]

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At the end of the Great Western Loop, November 2007

Interview: Karen Skurka

At the end of the Great Western Loop, November 2007 Those who have seen one of my presentations or who have read trip reports know that I depend heavily on my parents—especially my mother, Karen—for logistical and emotional support. This interview was an opportunity for her to better share her thoughts and feelings. Andrew. Please […]

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