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Tested stoves (left to right): Zelph Modified StarLyte, Trail Designs Kojin, Trail Designs 12-10 (all paired with the Sidewinder), and the Kovea Supalite.

Stove face-off: Kojin, StarLyte, 12-10 & Supalite || Boil times & efficiency

The new Trail Designs Kojin competes head-to-head with the Zelph Modified StarLyte, which for several years I have used as the burner in my go-to solo alcohol stove system. They have similar weights and size, and are both designed to work with a cone-style stand/windscreen like the Trail Designs Sidewinder. After an interview with Russ Zandbergen of Trails […]

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The fiberglass-like material in the Kojin is a trade secret for now. The cap liner is covered with silicone.

Preview: Trail Designs Kojin Stove, a StarLyte replacement || Russ Zandbergen interview

While I am frequently linked with the Super Cat Stove and was a longtime user, for the last three years I have relied on a more engineered system that is more fuel-efficient, wind-resistant, and stable. Its cornerstone is the Trail Designs Sidewinder Cone. Trail Designs has just released the Kojin Stove, which is meant to be […]

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The Primus PrimeTech Stove Set is a stable and very efficient system for groups and winter camping.

Preview: Primus PrimeTech Stove || Stable, efficient group & winter system

Two years ago I shared my five go-to backpacking stove systems, including what I use in the winter and when in a group. These systems are proven, but they’re less efficient than integrated kits, and the a la carte components are less convenient to obtain (and perhaps more expensive) than multi-piece sets. Last week at […]

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Brian Robinson in Rocky Mountain National Park with the TrailDad Cat Food Stove

DIY || An original: The Cat Food Can Stove, by Roy “TrailDad” Robinson

Roy “TrailDad” Robinson created and popularized the Cat Food Can Stove, one of the original DIY homemade alcohol stoves. Roy was the father of Flyin’ Brian Robinson, who used this stove on his groundbreaking Calendar Triple Crown in 2001 and who still uses one today. When Roy passed away last year, the family decided to […]

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G-Works Gas Saver R1, with which stove fuel can be transferred between canisters

Nifty: Refill & transfer fuel between canisters with G-works Gas Saver

Most of my complaints about upright, remote, and integrated canister stoves like the Kovea Supalite, MSR Windpro, and Jetboil Flash relate to the fuel canisters, not to the stoves, which are generally excellent: powerful, user-friendly, durable, lightweight, etc. In particular, the canisters are: Heavy, in consideration of the amount of fuel they contain; Expensive, relative to other […]

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My stove system for solo backpacking trips in the shoulder seasons, when I'm willing to carry a few extra ounces so that I can quickly heat up large amounts of water. With a larger pot and an additional eating container, mug, and utensil, this system would be suitable for couples, too.

Gear List || Fast & light backpacking stove for soloists & couples

While preparing for a backpacking trip in the Colorado Rockies this coming weekend (early-November), I had to consider the appropriateness of my ultralight alcohol stove and my powerful remote canister stove systems. I concluded that both would be functional, but that with an extra $50 purchase I could have a perfectly optimized kit. Intended applications This “Fast & Light” setup is suitable for solo backpackers and […]

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