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The DeLorme inReach Explorer (left) and SE (right), which despite being the same and weight have different hardware profiles, which affects their functionality. My recommendation is still the SE, but there are a few reasons you might go with the Explorer.

DeLorme inReach Explorer vs SE: Two reasons to buy the Explorer

After my first post about the DeLorme inReach Explorer and SE, in which I recommended the SE over the Explorer, I was contacted by a DeLorme Product Manager who wanted to share additional information about the devices. While I stand by my SE recommendation, I would like to add nuance to the conversation: hardware differences, plus […]

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The inReach Explorer and SE both weight 6.9 oz. The battery is not replaceable.

Which one: Delorme inReach SE or Explorer? Key Differences + My Recommendation

In advance of my thru-hike later this month of the Kings Canyon High Basin Route, I purchased a DeLorme inReach Explorer and Delorme inReach SE. I bought both so that I could evaluate them in-person before returning one, and I thought I would share my assessment and my buying recommendations. The inReach will replace my […]

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Product Review: SPOT Satellite Messenger

My mother is not a backpacker or a hiker, and “outdoorsy” is definitely not among the Top 10 adjectives I would use to describe her. But, as a mom, she gets gravely worried and concerned when her hyper-outdoorsy son goes into the backcountry, usually alone, regardless of the season, and almost always with the intention […]

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