Need graphic designer for event marketing materials

[Update, February 1, 2012. I have found a group to develop what I need. Thanks for your interest in this project. If I have future graphic design needs, I will probably post something here again. This proved pretty effective in finding good help.]

I need a graphic designer to produce marketing materials for my Spring presentations, which kick off on Monday, March 5. Turnaround needs to happen quickly, ideally ready for distribution on Monday, February 6, 2012.

There are two compensation scenarios. #1: I could just pay you. #2: I could give you a discount on one of my 3-day or 7-day guided trips ($600-$1,600 value) with the exact discount depending on your credentials and your preferred trip.

Work order description

Below is an outline of what I think I need. If you have other ideas, I’d be glad to hear them. One of the reasons I’m not doing this myself is because I’m not the professional –you are.

Event poster

  • 11×17 paper or perhaps slightly larger, but not unwieldy, nor expensive or difficult to have printed
  • For placement near registers, on support beams in the hiking/camping department, and in store windows and entry doors
  • Full color, but print-able as black & white

In PowerPoint I put together a rough vision of what it might look like. It has the components but not the professional touch. Consider creating an area for ticket prices and/or the venue’s logo, or grouping my accolades from Outside, NG Adventure, and Backpacker in one area.

Event flyer

  • A take-home advertisement for customers who are at the venue in the weeks before the event
  • To be distributed by venue staff, or left in a stack at the register
  • Small, portable size that includes key event information—a leaner version of the poster
  • Black & white

Guided trips flyer

  • To be placed on chairs prior to the event
  • 5.5×8.5 size
  • Should explain trip types, specify locations and include a few good testimonials
  • Black & white

Media and copy

File type delivery

The event poster and event flyer should be submitted as templates for a widespread software program like PowerPoint, Photoshop, or Microsoft Word. I know, it’s primitive, but this it’s necessary so that venues can download the files and modify them for their purposes.

The guided trips flyer can be submitted as a PDF. I simply need to make a few hundred copies of it; it does not need to be specific to each event.


Please contact me.

Include a link to your portfolio and/or a description of your background.

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