Trip Itineraries


Pack weigh-in prior to leaving the trailhead. Most packs on 3-day trips weigh 15-20 pounds including some water and all food.

Exact details for your trip (e.g. meet-up location and time) will be specified weeks or months before your trip. The itinerary below is simply meant to help you plan your travel and to better understand how the trip will flow.

If you are flying in, you will need to arrive the day before. If you are driving, or flying then driving, you will want to be within 4-5 hours of the meetup point to avoid an absurd early-morning start.

First Day

  • Meet at our entry point at 9am
  • Make introductions
  • Distribute group food
  • Distribute group gear
  • Check personal gear & supplies, and make final decisions
  • Begin hiking, camp early to learn about stoves and shelters

Middle Day(s)

Full day(s) in the field

Last Day

  • Around noon, plus/minus 1-2 hours: Return to our entry point
  • Sort personal and group gear
  • Final group meal (optional)
  • Goodbyes
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