Ride and Room Sharing

Now that you know each other some and have been given logistics info, you may want to coordinate your travel with other members of your group or with the concurrent group.

We recommend sharing rides especially. It reduces costs and parking pressure at tight trailheads, and it’s typically more fun. It’s great to see groups of two, three or four “friends” pull up to the trailhead despite being strangers just 24 hours earlier. Sharing rooms, or at least staying at the same facility, is encouraged to — it makes it easier to socialize beforehand and to coordinate getting to and back from the trailhead.

I have created a Google Sheet to help you coordinate. You can find it in your Drive folder, or use these quick links:

  • West Virgina
  • Utah
  • California
  • Colorado

Each cluster of trips has a dedicated tab, e.g. WV FUN 1A-1B. Please use the correct tab, or you’ll be trying to make travel plans with people on a different schedule.

I have also created a “Sample” tab, to show you what information to include.