Procedure for At-Home Emergency

Please forward this message to your emergency contacts and other close family/friends.

In the event there is an emergency at home and you need to reach us in the field, visit the appropriate link:

  • <<Insert Group/Leader/Sat Phone Link>> Multiplied by (x) number of groups

Through these MapShare pages, you can send a message to our Garmin inReach units, which we normally check in the evening. Please keep messages short, as if you were texting; long messages may be truncated. We can communicate back with you via inReach (and via satellite phone in Alaska).

This is for emergencies only.

We will not share our locations regularly, because these devices can fail and I don’t anyone to unnecessarily contact emergency dispatch. If we have an emergency, we will follow our protocols, and you’ll probably find out about it later — unless it involves your loved one, in which case we may contact you while we’re still in the field.