The West Virginia, California, and Colorado trips meet at 9 AM.

The Alaska trips should meet at the Wright Air terminal at the time specified here. Take the free La Quinta shuttle or a taxi, or use a ride app.

The guides normally arrive at the meetup location 30-60 minutes early to set up and possibly retrieve the backcountry permits. If you have been instructed to, or if feel that you need a lot of help in checking your gear, you can arrive early as well, but please by no more than 30 minutes.

For meet-up points and important landmarks, consult this map

At the trailhead we will:

  • Make introductions;
  • Update you on conditions;
  • Distribute breakfast & dinner rations, demo gear, stove fuel, paper maps, and bear canisters or Ursacks if you ordered one through us;
  • Check over your gear, and weigh your full pack

You are on your own for breakfast. Be sure to eat and hydrate before we start hiking. If you do not arrive with full water bottles, the closest potable water is:

  • West Virginia: none
  • Alaska: Wright Air terminal
  • California: Spigot outside the Yosemite Wilderness Center
  • Rocky Mountain (Wild Basin): Spigot at entrance station parking lot
  • Rocky Mountain (East Inlet): Grand Lake