Dietary Restrictions

Based on feedback, we will have the following meals:

  • 3-day
    • Breakfast burrito
    • Cheesy potatoes
    • Beans & rice with Fritos & cheese
    • Peanut noodles
  • 5-day: All 3-day meals plus:
    • Coconut chia oatmeal
    • Quick-start cereal
    • Chili
    • Coconut curry
  • 7-day meals: all of the listed recipes

For ingredient lists, refer to this spreadsheet.

If the chosen meals conflict with your dietary restrictions, complete this form. We will follow up to develop workarounds and agree on a custom meal plan. If you have restrictions to meals that your trip will not make, or if you have no restrictions at all, do NOT complete the form.

Common solutions include:

  • Substituting an item one-for-one, e.g. cream of rice rather than cream of wheat. In some cases we can pack the substitute for you; in other cases we may ask you to bring it.
  • Passing on your share of the group supply, and possibly bringing your own alternate (e.g. skip the crumbled bacon, and add your soy bacon bits);
  • Repeating a meal, or bringing an entirely different one of your own.