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Interested in a 2020 trip?

Last updated: April 3, 2019

Most of my 2019 trips are already full, including all of the 5- and 7-day outings. If you are interested in applying for 2020, here are my recommendations:

1. Subscribe to my blog

When I announce the 2020 schedule (usually in December the year prior) and when I open registration, I will announce it primarily through the blog.

You can also follow me on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter; and sign up for my newsletter. I’ll announce things here, too, but usually with less detail.

2. Register in January

Normally I open registration in the first full week of January, and have an open application period for two weeks. Applications received during this time fall into three categories — alumni, previous waitlist, and new applicants — and applications within each category are considered equally. I give priority to alumni and previously waitlisted applicants, but I try to offer enough spots to accommodate everyone.

Once I close the open application period, applications are considered on a first-come-first-served basis for any remaining spots. There are usually spots left on the 3-day intro-level courses, but many of the 5- and 7-day trips are already full.