Application Form

Update, September 18, 2022. I am no longer accepting trips for 2022 trips. The 2023 schedule will be released in mid-November, and I will begin accepting applications in mid-December. As in the past, the first two or three weeks will be in open application period, and all applications received during this time will be considered equally.

I am now accepting applications for our 2022 trips.

All applications received before December 27 or January 3, depending on the trip location, will be considered equally. After this initial open application period, remaining spots will be offered on a first-come first-served basis.


1. If you have not already, please review the application deadlines and process.

2. Pay the Application Fee now or soon after completing the Application Form.

3. If you’d like to review the Application Form before you start, you can download a PDF of it.

4. Complete the Application Form. It’s best completed on a device with a physical keyboard, not a phone/tablet. Budget about 15 minutes.

Note: Do NOT register separately for Plan Like A Pro. Your planning curriculum is included with and will be specific to your trip.