Day 21: Returning home

My last day in South Africa started with another pre-breakfast game drive. Somewhat sadly it was devoid of big animals, which I think everyone was disappointed by since it was our last morning at the lodge—we were all hoping that nature would put on a magical show for us, like in the YouTube video Battle at Kruger, which as of late-October 2008 has over 38 million views. That said, in retrospect it made us all appreciate Kruger even more—it’s not Disney World, but rather unfiltered, unscheduled, and uncontrollable nature.

In wrapping up, I want to thank South African Tourism for arranging this trip. It was an awesome experience and I am extremely fortunate to have received the opportunity. And I particularly want to thank Adél Grobler, who was as good of a travel companion as I could have had.

Posted in on May 22, 2008

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