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Grand Canyon Rim-to-Rim-to-Rim

March 2009 Run through 1.6 billion years of geological history (twice) during this 42-mile out-and-back across the Big Ditch. 8 hours 2 minutes.


Zion National Park Traverse

May 2009 A classic ultrarun: 48 spectacular miles across the Park from the East Rim Trailhead to Lee Pass. 9 hours, 27 minutes.


Great Western Loop

April to November 2007 I take the further-faster-lighter mantra to its extreme: 6,875 miles, 33 miles per day for 208 days, and an average base weight of about 6 pounds.


Hayduke Trail & Grand Canyon Traverse

February and March, 2009 An 800-mile trek across the Colorado Plateau from Arches to Grand Canyon National Parks, firmly out-of-season.