Trip Reports

Below find trip reports of thru- and section-hikes. Only a fraction of Yosemite High Route hikers ever post a trip report, and the included reports are only those that are sent to me or that I stumble upon. If you’d like your trip report listed, please share a link in the comments and I’ll include it.…

Trailheads Map

The Yosemite High Route can be undertaken in its entirety or in sections, starting from multiple trailheads in the park and on adjacent National Forest lands. The Yosemite High Route Guide includes route descriptions and datasheets for multiple itineraries, and instructions for obtaining a wilderness permit from Yosemite National Park and the US Forest Service.

Transportation Map

Yosemite National Park is in the Sierra-Nevada Mountains of California, several hours distant from major cities and transportation hubs in the Central Valley, Bay Area, southern California, and eastern Sierra. A comprehensive list of travel options is included in the Yosemite High Route Guide. This map is meant to complement that information.