Video || Core 13 Backpacking Clothing: Streamline & simplify your systems

Two years ago I posted a series on Core 13 Clothing, and many have found it useful as a framework for assembling their clothing systems for 3-season backpacking trips. It helps in:

  • Preparing properly for the conditions,
  • Eliminating redundancies within your kit, and
  • Minimizing costs by maximizing the versatility of each clothing item.

I can’t think of a single trip on which all thirteen items would be required, and if you backpack in a narrow range of conditions (e.g. only in Colorado) you don’t need to even own all thirteen. Six to ten items per trip is probably more normal, with drier, warmer, and bug-free trips requiring the low end of the range.

For a full explanation of Core 13 Clothing, read the complete series online or in The Ultimate Hiker’s Gear Guide (more updated). For a relatively quick explanation of the specific thirteen items, watch the video below, which I filmed with Sierra Designs in June.

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