Must-reads: Most popular posts from 2016

I keep regular tabs on my website traffic, but probably don’t spend enough time studying it. So this annual “best of” list (see 2015’s) is about as revealing to me as to readers.

In 2016 I was surprised by the persistent strength of old content, given my increased efforts to generate fresh material. Posts about breakfast & dinner recipes, female hygiene, wet feet management, and the Biolite stove continue to bring in readers, primarily through search.

Among new content, here were the top must-reads, in alphabetical order:

Actually, there is a “right way” to backpack

One of my favorite posts of the year, criticizing the use of “Hike your own hike” to justify bad choices and actions.

Complete failure: I gave “waterproof” Gore-Tex shoes a second chance

Long-time readers are already aware of my skepticism of “waterproof-breathable” fabrics. My footwear experience in Glacier National Park did nothing but reinforce my perspective.

Favorite reads: Backpacking & hiking blogs, websites, and forums

Unimpressed by existing lists, I offered my own.

First Aid, Foot Care & Field Repair Kits

A multi-post series with a discussion of and downloadable lists for exactly what I carry on solo and group trips in order to administer first aid, manage foot health, and repair gear.

Freezer bag cooking, no thank you

This post was written in response to a reader question. I was mystified why anyone would want to eat their breakfast or dinner out of a freezer bag.

Guyline system for tents, tarps & hammocks

I first wrote this post several years ago, but gave it new life this year with an update and an accompanying video. Based on the number of references online to the “McCarthy hitch,” it seems that this system has been embraced by more than a few.

Instructional tutorials

Sierra Designs and I teamed up on a series of instructional videos, and I included even more information when I launched the clips on my site. As standalone posts, none have been traffic superstars, but cumulatively they have performed well.

Teaser: Sierra Designs High Route Tent 1FL

Two products that I co-developed with Sierra Designs were released after Labor Day: the High Route Tent 1FL and the Flex Capacitor 40-60 Pack. Early reviews have been very good, and the Flex recently was named as a “Top Gear Pick” by Gear Junkie.

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