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The Pfiffner Traverse is a 75-mile backpacking high route that follows the Continental Divide and the crest of Colorado’s Front Range through Rocky Mountain National Park and the James Peak and Indian Peaks Wilderness Areas. It can be thru-hiked end-to-end (in 6 to 10 days, on average) or undertaken in sections with multi-night trips, long day hikes, and adventurous trail runs.

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The Pfiffner Traverse Guide is a comprehensive resource for thru- and section-hikers. It includes preparatory information, plus topographic maps, route descriptions, and datasheets for the Primary Route, Alternates, and eight shorter loop trips.

Peak wildflowers in upper Buchanan Creek, on the Triple Bypass Section Hike and near the start of the Ooh La La Alternate.

Near & dear: The Pfiffner Traverse, high in Colorado’s Front Range

I first came to Colorado in May 2003, for an internship with GoLite. It was an eye-opening summer. Five days per week I was awed by Boulder’s scenery while bike commuting and trail running; and the other two days I weekend-warrior’d in the Front Range. First I tried Rocky Mountain National Park, but the $15 […]

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