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Backpacking in the rain: helpful gear and skills|| SD LIVE (March 31, 2015)

In last month’s SD LIVE event, I discussed multiple ways to help maintain a relative level of comfort and safety when backpacking in the rain. Some methods are simply a matter of packing differently or packing more: sleeping clothes, camp shoes, breathable footwear, group tarp, down insulation, and a pack liner. Other methods are techniques: […]

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The stage

Types of backpacking shelters: pros & cons || SD LIVE (Feb 19, 2015)

In last month’s SD LIVE event, I discussed the pros and cons of common backpacking shelters — specifically double-wall tents, single-wall tents, tarp systems, bivy sacks, and hammocks. My presentation was a relatively unbiased assessment of the available options, and also intentionally brand- and product-neutral. While I definitely prefer some shelter types over others (refer to my […]

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