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Metabolic efficiency test results: I’m a butter-burner!

In the lead-up to the The North Face 50 Mile Championships in December, I was looking for any “edge” that could help me race to my potential and to offset some of the advantages that a comparably talented runner had over me, like more ultra racing experience and a training cycle longer than 6 weeks. […]

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Gear List — Backcountry Nordic Ski Touring

My backcountry Nordic touring ski setup excels on ungroomed or unbroken trails through rolling terrain. I used this type of setup during my Alaska-Yukon Expedition (see the video above), and it’s my preferred rig for ski trips in Colorado. It does fine on the flats, but cross-country skis are lighter and will track and glide better. […]

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Lessons learned in Big Bend National Park’s Mesa de Anguila

Editor’s Note. Russell has been on two of my guided backpacking trips, and in April will join a third. He considers himself an “advanced beginner” backpacker, getting out a few times per year on trips of 2-4 days each. In mid-December I did a short trek with my wife and two sons at our favorite […]

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Gear List — The North Face 50 Mile Championship

The North Face 50 Mile Championship is now just three days away. I began thinking about the clothing, footwear, and equipment that I would use months ago, giving me ample time to obtain, test, and familiarize myself with different options during my ultra running training. And now that I have a good sense for race […]

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Metabolic Efficiency Testing: Explanation and motivations

Tomorrow I am having tested my “metabolic efficiency” by Dina Griffin of eNRG Performance in Denver. In this post I will explain the concept and its relevance for backpackers and runners. In a second post, I’ll share my results. What is Metabolic Efficiency? Our bodies rely primarily on two sources of energy: Carbohydrates Fat Carbohydrates are most quickly […]

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MYOG: Bipod shooting sticks for hunting using trekking poles

Background I never go on a serious hike without trekking poles. With them, my arms can help propel me forward and upward, and brake on descents, rather than my legs bearing all of the load. Also, poles give me extra stability on rocky, rooty, sandy, muddy, icy, and snowy ground. Needless to say, my backpack […]

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Top tips: Efficient backpacking trip planning, preparing, & packing

The first year I offered guided backpacking trips and courses in 2011, preparations for them were disastrously inefficient. My systems were nicely refined for solo thru-hikes, but I learned that groups of up to 10 clients for 3, 5, or 7 days at a time entail much more: more logistics, more food, more group equipment, […]

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Elk 1, Skurka 0: Lessons Learned and Relearned

What lessons did I learn and relearn on my Colorado elk hunt last week? Here are the big three: 1. In order to shoot them, you must find them It’s called “hunting” for a reason — it’s not as simple as just shooting and processing. While many hunters have filled their tags on the first […]

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Make your own gear: 5-gram Basso Bifold Wallet

Editor’s Comments. I’d like to thank Patrick for submitting this how-to post. This is a fun little project with a very functional result. Patrick’s suggested “5-gram Tyvek Wallet” as a name, but in honor of his creativity I give you the Basso Bifold Wallet… Project Objective To create a low-profile, ultralight, waterproof, and tear resistant wallet that […]

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Backpack Hunt Gear List — Colorado Big Game — Early-Fall

Introduction Before scrolling any further down this page, first read prefacing remarks about my gear lists. In mid-October I’ll return to GMU 371 in Colorado’s Gore Range for the First Rifle elk season. Other hunters would describe me as a “backpack hunter,” in that I’m entirely self-sufficient and have a mobile camp; I don’t day-hike out of […]

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