Prices & discounts

“Considering the amount of knowledge and experience that Andrew is able to relate to each participant, [Andrew’s] trips are simply a bargain.” – Wes Thurman, Colorado Springs, CO

Per person trip prices

  • Backpacking Fundamentals: $795
  • Winter Backpacking: $795
  • Backpacking Adventure 5-day: $1,395
  • Backpacking Adventure 7-day: $1950

All prices include the Trip Planning Curriculum ($150 value).

Available discounts

  • Returning clients: Subtract 10% of the cost of your most recent trip (or trips, if you did two or more in the same year).
  • New client registering with one or more other new clients: Subtract 10% of the trip cost per person.
  • New client registering with one or more returning clients: Subtract 5% of the cost per person.
  • Returning client who is joined by one or more new clients: Subtract 5% of new client’s or clients’ trip cost.
  • Register for 2+ trips in a year: Subtract 5% of the trip cost per trip.

All clients must register separately. If you are a member of a group, please indicate such on the registration form.

Discounts can be combined. Contact me if you want to check the math.


  • World-class backpacking guides and instruction
  • Group gear, e.g. first aid supplies, repair kit, emergency communication device, etc.
  • Backcountry permit and/or backcountry campsite reservations
  • Breakfasts and dinners
  • Free product and product discounts from select vendors
  • Demo gear including shelters, sleeping bags, stoves, and backpacks

Not included:

  • Transportation
  • Park entry fees
  • Daytime food/snacks
  • Personal gear and supplies
  • Packraft equipment (Alaska trips only)
  • Ski equipment (Winter Backpacking only. Budget $125 +/- for a rental setup.)

Gratuities for the Assistant Guide are greatly appreciated. They typically range from 5-10% of the trip’s cost.

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